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Bike Fitting Philadelphia

Bike Fitting

At Keswick Cycle, we take no shortcuts towards achieving your signature bike fit. We have multiple fit-certified technicians on staff capable of analyzing the specific way you move on a bike. We are here to help you achieve a custom fit that will maximize your strengths, work around personal injuries, or help you get the most out of the bicycle you already own. When you decide to take your riding experience to the next level, we welcome  you to come in and meet with one of our fit-certified specialists.

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Pedal / Cleat


  • Your ideal shoe/cleat position. We pay special attention to your power interface with the bike-your feet and shoes. Proper cleat adjustment is essential for foot comfort and injury prevention for your knees.
  • Forefoot angle
  • Cleat shims and wedges
  • Fore/aft cleat position
  • Rotational cleat position
  • Cleat Installation

2-D Body


  • The 2D fit finds your optimal riding position on your current bicycle. Available for road, mountain and hybrid style bikes. The 2D Body Fit includes a comprehensive prefit assessment followed by a detailed comprehensive fit. Points of fit are as follows:
  • Seat height + Seat fore/aft positioning
  • Seat angle
  • Stem length/rise
  • Seat-to-handlebar differential
  • Handlebar drop/reach/shape angle 
  • Seat to aerobar differential 
  • Everything included in the Pedal/Cleat

3-D Retul


  • Your ultimate customized riding position. We'll start with a pre fit assessment about your riding history, current or past injuries, and your goals as a rider. Core strength and flexibility testing included. We then use the Retul motion capture and analysis software to prefect your fit. This info is catalogued and emailed to you for future reference.
  • 360 degree motion capture software analysis of the rider 
  • stem length/rise
  • Leg length discrepancies & more
  • Everything Included in 2-D Body Fit